Brand history Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein - is an immortalized elegance. The brand name is directly connected to the name of the legendary American and founder of the company Calvin Klein - Calvin Klein. The legendary designer was born in November 19, 1942, at the heart of the United States - in New York. The world of fashion interested him early enough that was an incitement for future action.

The history of Calvin Klein 

The Сalvin Klein

After high school, still young Kelvin enrolled at the New York University of Design. Upon completion he tried to work with several famous couturiers, but subordinate work did not bring enough satisfaction, and he decided to open his own business. 
In 1968 Calvin Klein founded the company, the progenitor of the modern corporation Calvin Klein. In the  seventies, the Calvin Klein brand came out with the first denim collection. Prior to that time jeanswear considered working and did not attracted interest from dandies of the time. 
At the presentation of jeans collection Calvin Klein has made the right accent on sexuality, which secured its positive result. Advertising symbol that time was Brooke Shields, who smiled from tempting billboards, and advertising slogans delighted the youth. 
Somewhat later the maestro once again stirred up the States, this time the young model Kate Moss candidly embrace the rapper Marky Mark. Their similar lean figures embodied the teens at that time, and it was the Advertisement which gave development to such a direction as unisex. This style rather quickly got loved by young people and by all entrenched in the fashion world. 
In the 1980s the world market has subdued the perfect underwear and perfumes. 
1990 marked by the opening of a subsidiary for the production of the budget clothing titled as Casual and accessories CK. 
Later, the British newspaper "Fashion conspiracy" posted an article in which Calvin admitted: "This is exactly what I like in the United States. Here, everyone has a chance, if you have the ability and the willingness to work hard." These were the basic qualities of the famous designer, but modesty aside, in addition to these explicit Calvin had luck and the ability to anticipate the needs and demands of the public. 
Luck smiled at him more clearly with the release of the first collection, which immediately received positive feedback. At its creation maestro borrowed money from his friend Barry Schwartz, who later became his companion. And presented it in a very popular hotel with a boutique, located on the nearby floor.One memorable morning played a significant role in the fate of the collection, the director of the boutique, which was located nearby, was mistaken a floor and saw a collection of Calvin, it captivated him and he made a large order. That provided the material basis for further work. 


CK together

In 2003, the corporation was bought by Heysen and Calvin Klein became an advisor, and in 2006 left the post. Today the composition of designers are couturiers of global significance such as Franciscko Costa, who heads the design collection of women's clothing, Italo Zucchelli - the male line, and Ulrich Grimm - accessories and shoes. 
In today's world of fashion Calvin Klein name is associated not only as the founder of the most powerful corporations in the fashion industry and striking styles to conquer the world, but also a mixed cocktail of sexuality and scandal. Almost every TV commercial in which there is a spirit, Calvin Klein brand is a legend and a fashion icon. The company's products for half a century is considered the epitome of elegance and modernism. 
The designer does not consider himself a theorist unisex, the more he regards himself as a successful businessman who can anticipate and meet the needs and wishes of the public. Clothes from the Calvin Klein for years wear international stars and celebrities. Notable examples became Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Marie Pfeiffer. 
Today the whole brand can be divided into three main directions. It's Calvin Klein collection, CK Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein jeans. At the heart of the first direction are laid design developments, clothing, outerwear and accessories. In the second direction sportswear, accessories, bags, cosmetics and jewelry. And the third - jeanswear, underwear, accessories, casual wear. 
Hierarchically structure of the brand can be characterized in the following order from the top: 
Calvin Klein collection (characterized by luxury, harmony, high standards). This collection is headed Fratstsisko Costa and Itallo Tsukelli, it is of the highest quality clothing; 
CK Calvin Klein (trend, youth orientation, sexuality). This collection of casual wear, which is produced under the strict guidance of Calvin Keriggana; 
Calvin Klein & Calvin Klein jeans (fashion trends, style, timeliness). The range of this line is sportswear and jeanswear, shoes. 
This is not the full list of units of the brand. Yet there are Calvin Klein Golf (Golf Clothing), Calvin Klein Yome (indoor clothing and accessories), Calvin Klein Underwear (underwear and undergarments), Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry (watches and jewelery). 

Watchmaker Calvin Klein 

CK model

Watches under the brand CK Calvin Klein are producing in Switzerland. Like many watch giants, Calvin Klein Watch is a part of the Swatch Group LTD. Brand Calvin Klein refers to business class of the SWATCH GROUP. 
The partnership has its origin in 1997, it was then that came the first joint model of a watches, and already in 2004 assortment was diluted with jewelry. 
Watches CK are some quintessential convenience, luxury and originality. They embody a modern accessory and the status of Swiss quality, and most importantly combine modern style and the Swiss pragmatism. Arlette Emsh herself leaded the project, she perfectly combines its urban design and Swiss tradition. For realization of this project it took nine months. In the development of the new models Arlette mentally tried on them and took into account all the wishes of women. Even with the passage of a long time Mrs. Emsh not alter the brand and wears only their watches. 
Usually at creation of annual collections take into account three directions: bright designer watches, for men and women. At the heart of the first direction lay brightness and design ideas, in the second elegance and simplicity, and in the third practicality and reliability. 
All models use only Swiss movements, mineral glass and a variety of materials (rubber, steel, leather, etc.) to create a customized design. 
Engineers and designers at creation of the watch collection take into account all the latest trends and good catch all the wishes of of its audience. Watches CK can be attributed to such categories as the fashion and classic, which in itself is inconsistent, however, it goes well with these models. 
The secret of the company lies in the fact that for almost two decades, they produce stylish, relevant and available watches, which are an indicator of style and prestige.