Brand history Candino

Candino brand history began back in 1947, when Adolf Flury- Hugom based a small watch shop in the outbuilding of his house. The extraordinary commitment and desire to bring their innovative ideas to life, allowed to reach phenomenal success already in the early stages of production.

The future name of the company, a pure word of Latin origin –Candidu. So Adolf Flury-Hug made an effort for his company to bring to life the bright ideas, that had such qualities as clarity of lines, and maximal aesthetic matching shape and overall design.

At the initial stage of production, the future company was only a small assembly hall, which was formed from parts, that formed and made a model for the broader market of consumers.

Cardino The First EletronicAnalysis of the market and the needs of the consumer, allowed the executive staff of the company to divide the sphere of production, so that the company had an opportunity to make the clock let out of the purchased items, but the design and construction of models were developed individually.

This step had allowed to move away from generic manufacturing and completely switched on the release individual models.

After the reform of the production there was a division of projecting power producing of company. Now working out of watches was conducted in Berne, and the issue of watches was in the city Hebertsvil as before, which actually began the history of the company.

Also of note the support of all members of the family Fluri, which provided a beginning businessman Adolf Flury-Hugu. By virtue of a strong family faith and all the support, the company had quickly grown from a small workshop in advanced manufacturing at the time.

The introduction of innovations 

1983 - issued watches in addition to standard function displays the phases of the moon.Cardino with lunation

1987 - issued watches have built-in compass.

1988 - the world saw the watch in robust housing made of tungsten carbide. The technology in the future would find a wide industrial applications, not only in production capacity, but also far beyond. In particular, Rado had been developing various parts of tungsten fusion.

Innovation as the sense of production

January 2000 was marked by an event for the watch brand, which would significantly expand production and innovation capabilities. Candino company became a full partner of the Spanish Group Festina Lotus SA. Cardino Ceramic with date

Now in the hands of developers Candino turned up unlimited scientific and technological bases of Festina Lotus SA. It should be noted that the Festina Lotus SA at the time of accession to the Candino has had such popular companies as the watch brand Festina, premium automotive brands Lotus and Jaguar.

Currently, the company has positioned itself as a brand of medium and premium classes. The pricing policy of the company has always been accessible segment for the ordinary citizen of the European space. About the quality of products can only speak the fact of the official partnering Candino chronometer with international tournaments in tennis.

Today the assortment of the company charge four basic model line, which vary a lot between them as in the external and functional parameters. Lineup each line has its own isolation, in order to best meet the requirements of a potential buyer.