Brand history Diesel

4 DieselsDiesel S.p.A. (Diesel), one of the most popular brands of fashion jewelry and clothes in Italy, was foundedby Renzo Rosso in the late 1970s, together with Adriano Goldshmidom.

The conception of the brand was economical, simple, stylish and reliable. The brand name Diesel had economic background. It symbolized a massive transition of European society to diesel due to the difficulties in oil supply.

Early brand development

In 1979 Diesel represented the first collection of men's clothing.

In 1981 the brand shown Diesel clothing brand abroad for the first time.

In 1984 it became popular. Brand produced children's collection, thereby expanding the target customer.

The brand was rapidly gaining popularity. The end of the 80s became crucial for the company. The succession of unfavorable events inside the company led to the fact that Renzo Rosso became a sole owner of the brand.

Young Wilbert Das was invitedto the position of the leading designer and creative director. He just graduated from Fashion high school. Perhaps, the successful brand wouldn’t be recognized now, if that decision hadn’t been made. The contribution of Wilbert Das to the development of the company was impossible to overestimate because it was more than enormous. Due to the decision, made in the early 1990s, the company's working capital grew nearly 30 times.

Strategy of development

Diesel multifunctionalThe first store was openedin New York, on the virtuous circle. At the same time, advertising agency in Stockholm started an aggressive advertising campaign, clearly distinguished from numerous Diesel fashion rivals. Promotion sounded like a call: For Successful Living.

In 1992, the company produced three television commercials, one of which, «Alpine Village», acutely ridiculed the stereotype of the alpine life. Movie was banned to show, considered as too challenging.

One of the rules of the Diesel campaign is no kowtow to the audience. In spite of very aggressive advertising, it was paid off, which increased income of Diesel twice. At the peak of its success Diesel management launched a new trend: the production of watches. This was credited to a well-known Diesel watchmaker Fossil, who invited the best designers and implemented in the future bestsellers the most innovative developments.

Diesel watch collection presented a watch with hands (Analog Watch) and electronics, which was usual for us. Recent collection included chronometer watch with impeccable precision. As well as a model combining both dial and the liquid crystal, which was equipped with alarm clock, calendar and chronograph. 

Since the beginning of the 2000s, Diesel watches have been replenished with wide leather and metal bracelets. Massiveness of watches demonstrated the status of its owner, and with stainless steel housing of the health care they were absolutely hypoallergenic. Watches were equipped with mineral glass and were completely waterproof. The quartz movement in the watches was used exclusively in Switzerland. The special attention was paid to models with an asymmetrical body and complicated details. These models, along with a bright dial, were quite suitable for the young customers.