Brand history



Using vast experience in the design of computers, the brothers decided not to restrict future product in standard set of functions. Their idea was that, in order to maximize the interest of a potential buyer with the presence of features that are not available in analogue devices from other manufacturers. Watches with built-in calendar developed to 1974 inclusive. At the presentation in Tokyo, in 1974, the product was named Casiotron and collected more than positive reviews from various critics. It was also noting that developing a product was brothers not only took care of its functionality, but also paid special attention to the appearance of products, that would best meet the needs of the time. Success with digital clock inspired brothers to create another innovative product, so widespread nowadays. The first digital piano Casiotron, was released in 1980. G-Shock watches were presented as a shock-resistant product. From the statement of the characteristics indicated that the watch could withstand a fall from a height of 10 meters withstand a pressure of 10 barrels, and operated continuously on a single battery charge for 10 years. The case of the watch, was immersed in a protective shell that could withstand all common household causes of breakdowns. Truly revolutionary development was a clock weighted 12 grams with a thickness of 3.9 mm. Watches were called Casio Pela enjoyed enormous popularity in the domestic market and far beyond Japan. Watch received not only unique at the time characteristics, but also fine original design. It is believed that it was the first watch in the world, in which case and strap form one unit.
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