Jaques Lemans warranty

WARRANTY A guarantee of two years generally applies to the products (goods) acquired via the online shop.Jacques Lemans manufactures its watches under the highest production standards and only with selected materials. Every watch undergoes a strict quality assurance process before being delivered. You will receive a two-year guarantee for every Jacques Lemans watch covering all product or manufacturing faults. If despite the strictest quality controls a fault should occur that is caused by a defect or a faulty component, this guarantee entitles you within two years of the purchase date to a free repair or at the manufacturer’s decision replacement by the same or a similar model. This guarantee excludes wear and tear caused by use, the watch glass, the strap and the battery. Damage that is ascribable to careless handling, intention, extreme heat or cold, strong magnetism or above normal atmospheric conditions is not covered by this guarantee. The watch is guaranteed to be waterproof for a period of two years from the date of purchase provided that the watch glass, sealing ring, casing cover and winding button are undamaged. This guarantee shall automatically lapse if the watch has been opened, repaired or otherwise manipulated by unauthorised persons. To find your nearest Jacques Lemans specialist retailer please contact our Service Department or visit website at www.jacques-lemans.com/customerservice. If there is no official Jacques Lemans specialist retailer in close proximity to you, our Service Department will be pleased to help.